Kambos – Gria Spilia – Grammata


About 12 km southwest of Ermoupolis is the small settlement of Kampos.
On the path that starts from Kampos, passes by the blue of Marmara and leads to the bills, walkers can enjoy the beautiful nature of Apano Meria, which is part of the Natura program that occupies an area of ​​783 hectares and is an interesting area for students of Geomorphology as it is the only part of the island that has limestone rocks, unlike the rest of the island covered by volcanic rocks also see the commemorative plaque, John Pearson, the man who, thanks to his stubbornness, made Gria Spilia bay green.
The deserted Grammata beach on the northwest coast of Syros, which has no natural facilities, umbrellas or taverns, is the ideal place for those who want to avoid the many and indiscriminate.


Source: www.hikingteam.gr