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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Aselinos - Kounistra Monastery - Mikros Aselinos Beach - Alygaries Beach - Kechria Beach

Skiathos has an organized network with at least 25 walks and a length of over 197 km.

The Skiathos trails are signposted (many with the love of the people that love Skiathos, Mr. Ortvin Vitman has done an excellent work ) and there are routes lasting from 1-6 hours.

They paths have good signage.

In a lovely green environment will be able to discover the historical and religious monuments of the place and the beautiful virgin (mainly in the central and northern part of the island) natural environment.

Wonderful idyllic spots of Skiathos offering breathtaking panoramic views and corners ideal for relaxation.

The route Aselinos-Monastery Kounistra - Mikros Aselinos beach- Kechria beach - Alygaries beach is the most impressive of the island.