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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Ari Plateau - Tourkokanalo - Kastri - Vouva Peak - Marouliko

Route 1 starts from the Ari plateau amidst a beautiful landscape with oaks, maples and phillyrea. The area is the natural habitat of the Skyrian Horse. Today it is frequented by herds of pure and half-bred Skyrian Horses which come to quench their thirst at ‘Loustria’, a pit of stagnant rainwater.

The route circles Daphne hill, which towers above the Ari plateau, continues uphill to the Vouva peak to end up at Marouliko plateau, a place well protected from the wind for grazing sheep and goats. The rocky sides of the trail are the habitat of the lizard Podarcis gaigae, endemic to the archipelago of Skyros. Route 1 is located within the Natura 2000 site ‘OROS KOCHYLAS’ (GR2420006).

The length of the route is 12km in total. (6 km + 6 km to return).
Running hours are 2 hours + 2 hours.
The route is connected to Route 3.