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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Achilli - Agios Artemios - Agios Modestos - Kochylas Peak - Kalamitsa

Route 5 leads to one of the most beloved churches on Skyros, Saint Artemios. Built in a cave on the northeast side of Kochylas at an altitude of 370 meters, the visitor is impressed by its magnificent views over the Aegean Sea and the plains of Kallikri.

The starting point is Achilli bay from where according to mythology, Achilles departed for the Trojan War. The trail sets out up a steep dirt road with brushwood and ravines full of oleander and osier. It continues along a hiking path that crosses the narrow ravine known as ‘Gaidourorema’ and ends at the chapel. The rock is covered by an enormous, age-old ivy plant and amongst its branches grows the ‘Agios Artemios Carnation’, a small wild carnation with few leaves and grayish in colour. Next to the church there is an underground opening with drinking water, the "well" as they call it in Skyros. Saint Artemios is celebrated on October 20.

The most demanding hikers can continue up to the top of Kochylas (788m. in height) and meet route 3 which leads to Kalamitsa bay.

Route length: 3 km from Achilli + 3 km to Route 3
Routes: 1h 20l + 1m 20l