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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Chora - Monastery of Prophet Elias - Mountain Eros

Route 1 leads to Hydra's highest point, Mount Eros at an altitude of 588 m.

From the top the visitor enjoys a magnificent view of the Myrtoo Sea, which is usually 600m lower. The route crosses the settlement of Hydra and then ascends following the steeply stunning cobbled path until it reaches the Monastery of Prophet Elias located on a hill 100 m lower than the top cone at an altitude of 480 m. Just a short distance away is the monastery of Agia Efpraxia.

The route with an altitude of 600 m due to its high slope is a relatively difficult route, but it is worthwhile to enjoy the view and to the settlement of Hydra to see the Monastery and embrace the view from the impressive peak of Eros. The route is very well marked. In the section by Prof. Elias to the top Eros has remained the old white-red markings.

At the beginning of the journey you will meet the "Kala Pigadia", which supplied the Kiafa area with water.

Then you will cross a section of the village of Kiafa and you will reach the church of Agios Konstantinos of Hydra, which dominates the highest point of the settlement, from where you enjoy a magnificent view of the harbor and the settlement of Hydra.

Shortly after the church of St. Konstantinos Hydraou begins the stone cobbled path, which with constant maneuvers ascends and wins the 360 ​​m altitude difference up to the Monastery of Proph. Elias.

A detour leads to the women's Monastery of Saint Efpraxia, located west of the Monastery of Proph. Elias. The Monastery and its courtyard offer space for relaxation until you continue on Mount Eros. Going up to the top you leave on your right path leading you to Episkopi and you reach the top of Eros (588 m.), Which on the south side it is demolished to the sea offering a wonderful sight.

Ground condition: Path, paved steps 4.4 km.(100%)