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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Agios Konstandinos - Prophet Elias - Agia Efpraxia

We follow the road that ascends from the center of the harbor (Miaouli Street) and leads to the Kala Pigadia area. We leave the settlement and continue on the same road that will lead us to a junction. We follow the road right to Prophet Elias. Nearby, we find a sign that leads us to the church of the patron saint of Agios Konstantinos of Hydra (about 100 meters from where we are). From this location we can already enjoy a magnificent picture of the city. We return back to the main road (towards Profitis Elias). As we go up we see panoramic pictures of the harbor of Hydra and Kaminion. After 45 minutes of hiking, in green pine trees, we will meet the stone steps that will lead us to the monastery's precinct.

The monastery of Prophet Elias is located in the center of the courtyard and is surrounded by cells, one of which was Theodoros Kolokotronis. At an altitude of 515 meters and a short distance (150 meters) from the Monastery of Prophet Elias, there is another historic monastery of Hydra, built in 1865. The monastery of Prophet Elias is the only male monastery on the island. In 1813 thirteen monks arrived on the island coming from Mount Athos, who built the monastery. The monastery can be visited and even if you can not see one of the monks or practitioners, at the entrance of the courtyard there is water and loukoumia for visitors.  At the Monastery of Ag. Eupraxia currently lives 1 nun, willing to guide you around the place and to "harvest" mastiha and loukoumia.

From this point you can enjoy panoramic views of the island, the Argosaronic Gulf and the Myrtoos Pelagos.