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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Platithrias (Bridge) - Homer School - Exogi

The old street which connected Exogi with the Platrithias valley and the Frikes port.

Turn your back to the bridge and start ascending the track at the left of the restaurant “Yefyri”. At the fork follow the left track marked with red paint. The cobbled street goes to Homeric place “Μελάνυθρος” (Melanithros) with the homonym fountain (Homer Odyssey υ 158: “αι μεν είκοσι βήσαν επί κρήνην μελάνυδρον”) and to Panaghia’s small church.

Follow the track to the dirt road, cross the road, and on the right-hand side you will see the archaeological site of “Homer School - Aghios Athanasios”. The excavations there found an embattled complex of buildings from Mycenaean until Hellenistic period (12th-1st centuries b.C.).

Continue on the track all the way to Exogi, to fork with the three streets.

Proposed hours: afternoon