Μετάφραση Greek Version


Vathy is a coastal village, on the east side of Kalymnos, 13 km north east of Pothia, the capital of the island. It is located in the most fertile valley of citrus fruit groves. The valley extends to a very narrow cove that resembles a fjord because of its steep rock walls on each side. There you can find the quaint port of Rina, a safe anchorage for fishing boats, yachts and tour boats that take daily trips to some of the most interesting sites in Kalymnos

The view from above is just perfect as it is a sight you can see in almost every tourist guide, advertising Kalymnos. The beautiful valley combined with the winding channel of water and the picturesque port compose an incredible sight. Vathy is a quiet and peaceful village where you can relax, swim and enjoy home-cooked meals in one of the traditional seafood tavernas by the water. The tavernas are famous for their fresh fish, the freshly fried calamari, the delicious octopus and their tasty fish appetizers.

In Rina you won’t find a beach but you can put your towel down by the steps or on the ground by the port. There is also a diving platform on the cliffside where the more adventurous jump off into the clear water of Rina. Metal stairs that have been placed in various places can help you exit safely from the sea. 

Driving or walking through this wonderful landscape, one can enjoy beautiful views of the island's countryside. Although Vathy is a small village there are many sights worth visiting. It’s worth spending some time wandering around the small paths and visiting the surrounding area where you can find many Byzantine churches, archeological sites and the prehistoric cave "Daskalio" with the beautiful stalactites and archeological finds. The cave is located at the entrance of the harbor and it can only be reached by sea.

Down by the harbor, you can find souvenir shops, small stands selling local products and a few rooms to rent.