Μετάφραση Greek Version


Lefkimmi is the second largest village on the island after the Town of Corfu. Lying at the southern tip of the island, Lefkimmi has essentially resulted from the unification of five villages (Riglades, Anaplades, Agioi Theodoroi, Melikia, and Potami). Its port connects southern Corfu with Igoumenitsa on the opposite coast. Daily ferry services, serve all those travelling from the mainland to the south part of Corfu and vice versa. The area is known from the ancient times. At the Strait of Lefkimmi took place the famous battle between the Corinthians and the Athenians during the Peloponnesian War. Lefkimi was also the scene of a rescue operation in World War II, when a Lancaster bomber crashed. Locals rescued the crew, hid them, and then led them to a safe place where they boarded on a British submarine.

Lefkimmi is set in a fertile plain full of olive groves, citrus trees and vineyards. A river runs through the eastern part of the town where local fishermen moor their wooden boats, creating a very picturesque sight. The paved piers are lined with cafes and restaurants where you can sit and enjoy a drink or a genuine Corfiot meal. Wandering through the narrow streets you can see old mansions, Venetian-style buildings, squares and beautiful churches. To a large extent, Lefkimmi has remained untouched by mass tourism and still keeps its old traditions. You can still see old women carrying goods on their donkeys in the streets and elderly men drinking ouzo in the traditional bars. It offers a good choice of bars and restaurants; however, you can hardly find any late-night bars and clubs. If you are keen on this kind of entertainment, go down to Kavos and you won’t be disappointed.

Near the village there is a lighthouse and a salt pan, an important wetland where flamingos, egrets, and many migratory birds stop to rest. The nearest beaches are Molou bay, just 2 kilometers away and Alikes bay. Lefkimmi is connected with Corfu Town with regular bus services. The small town is overall a quiet and relaxing place away from the cosmopolitan resorts of the island.