Yliki (Likeri) Lake

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Yliki (Likeri) Lake

The natural lake of Yliki (9th in size in Greece) is located in Eastern Sterea Hellas, in the prefecture of Viotia, at the southeastern boundaries of the Municipality of Orchomenos and in the northwest of the Municipality of Thiva. Formerly it was also called Likeri.

Yliki is located in the basin forming by the mountains Ktypas or Messapios (1,021 meters) in the east, Ptoos (726 meters) in the north, Sphiggio (565 meters) in the west and in the south by low hills. Its basin receives the waters of the dried Lake Copaida through the Kifissos River of Viotia, but is also enriched by underground springs and other smaller water streams from the mountains that surround it.

At a short distance to the northeast of Yliki is the smaller Paralimni, the ancient Trefia or Uggria, which is 20 m lower in relation to the surface level and connects it to a 2.5 km long canal. Previously through this canal, depending on the seasons, the surplus waters of Yliki were channeled to Paralimni and from there to the Euboikos Gulf.

Yliki is irregularly shaped, with rocky.

Its banks are devoid or have small vegetation. In parts of the perimeter zone there are some Quercus coccifera and some Pistacia lentiscus.

It has been found that the Scardinius graecus lives in its bottom, which we found only here in all the Balkans. In the waters also lives the Ctenopharyngodon idellaswam. In the winter months it also hosts a number of birds that come to spend the winter.

At weekends, many fishermen, even large groups come to fish. Visitors will see pictures of rare beauty, especially in spring, where the colors and sounds enchant.

The wider region, mainly with Yliki and Paralimni, the river Kifissos, the river Melana and the springs of Chariton, is considered an important region for birds and storks in Greece.