Paleochori beach

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Paleochori beach

Paleochori is a spectacular volcanic beach with multicolored geological rocks that strongly resembles to the Red beach in Santorini, due to the color combination of the surrounding cliffs. The colors range from dark red to bright yellow and in between some green, proof of the island's volcanic activity.

The beach is actually made up of three separate sections grouped around an elongated bay. The central part is a long wide beach with a a mix of fine sand and pebbles and is the most developed part with all kind of amenities. A short walk through a rocky path to the left of the main beach is another part of Paleochori beach. This part gets deep quickly and was once a refuge for nudists and those seeking isolation and tranquility. It is not organized but it is just as beautiful with colorful fine pebbles covering the coast. The right part is the nicest one with amber-colored pebbles, colorful rocks, caves and a hole at the far end of the beach used as natural sauna. The water in all three parts is incredibly clean and its color varies depending on the time of the day.

Its main feature is the amazing seabed. If you are a snorkeling lover, you will notice hot springs that show up here and there and bubbles that gush from the bottom of the sea, especially in the shallows near the waterline. The same springs also heat the sand making it in some spots blazing hot. The beach is protected from northern winds that usually blow in the Cyclades making it perfect on windy days.

Along the beach there are a few tavernas well-known for their volcanic food cooked on the hot sand. The ingredients are placed in foil packets that are buried in the sand below the restaurant. A few hours later are dug up and served hot. Paleochori beach can be easily reached from any part of the island by car but parking space is limited. Frequent buses also ensure easy accessibility. It is probably the most popular, picturesque and impressive beach of Milos and definitely a beach that should not to be missed by any visitor. It is located on the south coast of the island, about 10 kilometers from the port of Adamas.


Coastguard: (22870) 23360

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