Itanos - Erimoupoli

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Itanos - Erimoupoli

Itanos beach is named after the ancient city of Itanos, sited in the area. Itanos was one of the most important coastal cities of Eastern Crete from the Minoan era until the first Christian years. Today it is known as Erimopolis. The beach is located about 96 km east of Agios Nikolaos and 25 km north of the famous palm forest of Vai. It is a sandy, beautiful and pristine beach with turquoise waters but what makes it special, is that part of the ancient city of Itamos is sunk in the sea. Snorkeling over the ruins of the ancient city is a unique experience.

Itanos consists of three smaller picturesque beaches. The first beach is in front of the parking area. It is a small, sandy beach with three - four tamarisk trees that offer natural shade. To its right is the second beach, hidden behind the archaeological site. It is small too with a mix of sand and pebbles and some stones in the sea. There is a trail connecting the two beaches which runs through the ruins of the ancient city. Around the beach there are scattered a few palm trees. The third beach is the largest one and is located north of the parking lot. It is a sandy long beach with crystal clear waters and secluded spots. For many, this is the most beautiful of the three beaches.

The beach is not organized, so if you plan to visit it, it's good to bring water and supplies with you. It is a quite popular beach and gets very crowded in high season. It is definitely an ideal destination as you can combine swim with a visit to the ancient city. To reach the beach is easy and there is a parking lot next to the archeological site. From there paths lead to the three beaches. Do not miss to visit the archeological area of the ancient Itanos.


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