Mesonas Gorge

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Mesonas Gorge

Mesonas gorge is located on the northern slopes of the mountains of Thripti, near villages Kavoussi and Avgos. It is a short imposing gorge (4km long), that needs technical equipment for crossing it along its bed. The canyon connects the Plateau of Thripti to the plain of Kavoussi.

The canyon is ideal if you like canyoning, i.e. crossing a narrow gorge, climbing with ropes and swimming in the waters of the gorge. Mesonas Gorge starts quite smoothly with less roping and more walking. The entire canyon is crossed smoothly except its last part, where its form changes and it turns to a very narrow passage with high walls. The canyon does not have a lot of water and the flow stops in the middle or late spring.

On the other hand, if you're not a keen canyoner, you can just walk on the sides of the gorge along with the concrete waterway. There is the old trail that connected Kavousi to Thripti. The views to the canyon, the surrounding mountains and the bay of Mirabello are indescribable.

To find the exit of the gorge you should follow the track leading to the archaeological site of the Azores, east of Kavoussi village. After the church of Agia Kiriaki, you’ll meet the path that runs along the side of the gorge.