Ridomo Gorge

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Ridomo Gorge

The gorge of Ridomo - Koskarakas is considered as one of the most important gorges in Greece. It starts below the peaks of Mt.Taygetos at the altitude of 2031 meters and runs all the way down to Santava beach, in the Messinian Gulf, next to the village of Kitries. It's total lenght is 25 kilometers. It is known by various names, the most prevalent being the name Ridomo in its eastern and higher part and the name Koskaraka on the sea side. According to Pausanias, in ancient times it was called “Hoireio Nape”, meaning “pig valley”.

The best access points to the canyon is Pigadia and Altomira where beautiful cobbled paths form natural passageways to the gorge. Access is also available from the old street Kalamata-Kampos on the bridge of Koskaraka and from the villages of Gaitses and Anavatis. The village of Voria is also a great place to start a hike. The proposed route is from the abandonded village of Pigadia. From that point a path, engraved parallel to the ravine leads to the Pigadiotiko stone bridge, which is the most characteristic and recognizable part and one of the most important attraction of the Ridomo gorge. The stone bridge has two arches, one on top of the other, joining the banks of the gorge. The gorge at this point is narrow, like a very high gate created by the vertical rocks. At its narrowest point it becomes two meters wide and 60 meters high. At this point you can touch both walls at the same time. This is the most impressive part of the gorge and walking through this part is a great experience. Walking further down, the ravine from Pigadia pours its water from a great height, creating torrential rain.

Hiking in the gorge is a unique experience, as it offers a wonderful spectacle with a variety of geological phenomenon with interesting limestone formations, created by the effect of water rushing down from the mountains. Vertical slopes with rocks that show many sharp folds, color variety, lush flora and unspoiled nature, unquestionably place the gorge of Ridomo as the most beautiful among Taygetos gorges. You might also spot goats skillfully balancing on the almost vertical walls. In several places small waterfalls dripping down from high above, and partly those walls are decorated by evergreen ivy plants.

Mountain and nature lovers will be surprised by the beauty of the gorge. The safest time of year to cross it, is in spring or early summer, when the climatic conditions are ideal for hiking the demanding gorge.



The hiking duration refers to the route that starts from the village Pigadia, a route length of 8,675 m.