Parnassos National Park

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Parnassos National Park

The National Park of Parnassus was founded in 1938 and it is the second of our country after this of Olympus. The western side of the area belongs to Fokida, while the eastern in Boeotia, between Delphi, Arachova and Agoriani. The total area amounts to 35.000 acres of the surface of the mountain, where dominates the fir of Kefallinia.

Parnassus takes its name, based on the greek mythology, from a heroe called Parnassus, who had built over the mountain a city, that was ruined from Deukalionas. During the disaster, the residents of the city followed the wolves voices and led to higher points in order to avoid the flood, where they built the city Lukoria, that means wolves screams, a name that is still saved until today. They used to call it Liakoura, that consists of a name that we use at folklore songs and comes from Likoria, a name that keeps until today its highest hill top.

Parnassus has connected with the greek mythology and birth of greek state, even the foundation of Delphoi oracle at the southwest hill, gave another prestige that remains until today. Also Parnassus had an important role during Greek Revolution of 1821, as critical battles between Greeks and Turks took place there with most well-known of Alamana and Gravia.

In the National Forest Parnassus, there are enough clearings, many peaks, canyons, valleys, slopes, caves (like Korykion Andron) which makes it ideal for moments of pleasure and recreation for visitors who choose an excursion in nature. A walk in the National Park is a unique opportunity in order to watch rare species of forest vegetation and fauna.

Besides the fir of Kefallinia which dominates at the most part, a big part is occupied by wild plums and black pines. Foxes, badgers, hares, rodents and insectivorous species, are the most populous populations of fauna of the National Park of Parnassus. Woodland bird species, such as partridges, woodpeckers, woodpecker, blackbirds, Alpine accentor, reptiles like the Mediterranean tortoise, the wild lizards, the viper and amphibians like frog also live in there.

The visitors who arrived at the National Park of Parnassus can choose many ways, hiking or by car to traverse it. Arachova, Vargiani, Chrisso, Gravia, Polydrosos and Eptalophos are just some of the beautiful villages of Parnassus where one can visit the areas to the boundaries of the National Park of Parnassus. The Oracle of Delphi, the navel of the earth for the ancient world, is also in the boundaries of the National Park.