Μετάφραση Greek Version

Drepano 3110

It was manufactured in 1864,from the French company of lighthouse when the area was under the Ottoman Empire and has a height of 10m. He joined the Greek Lighthouses Network in 1913. During World War II, the invaders removed the lighting equipment and remained switched off until 1945, where, as part of the reconstruction of the Lighthouse Network, it reopened with new oil lamps. In 1979 the lighthouse was electrified. There is a paved road that allows the vehicle to reach a distance of 50 meters from the lighthouse, where there is outdoor parking. Then there is a 50 meter long path and steps leading to the lighthouse. The nearest village, Kokkino Chorio, is 3 km away. The lighthouse is fenced with a stone wall and wire mesh from 2 to 3,60 m. The area is rough, steep and rocky, unsuitable for children.