Alipiakos Wine of Skiathos

Recently, in the Holy Monastery of the Annunciation (Evangelistria), it was decided to rebuild the historical wine, which was named after the Holy Mother Alypio, in sufficient quantity to cover the needs of the Monastery and the many pilgrims and friends of the Monastery.

Aspro (White) of Skiathos

Aspro (White) is sweet of spoon with white almonds offered in engagement or as a first treat at nominal celebrations.

Amygdalota of Skiathos

Amygdalota are prepared with a grated, whitened almond tree, damaged with sugar and flower-water. Lambs are planted and baked lightly. Once they come out they are sprinkled with flower-water and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Offered in baptisms and nominal celebrations.

Liqueur of Skiathos

In Skiathos traditionally at the feasts were served liqueur walnut and cherry made from sour cherrys.

Tsipouro of Skiathos


Tsipouro is a Greek spirits drink that began its course about seven centuries ago in the monasteries of Agio Oros.

Pies of Skiathos

It is also worthwhile to try the pies of Skiathos and especially the chortopita.

Olive Oil of Skiathos

Do not forget to buy virgin olive oil of exceptional quality from the shops of Skiathos.