Camping beach

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Camping beach

This is probably the most beautiful of all sandy beaches on Antiparos. It is a fantastic beach with a very comfortable vibe. The beach is sheltered by scrub and dunes with lovely views across the swimmable neighboring uninhabited island of Diplo. No commercialism, very quiet, very low key and relaxed. A perfect spot to relax and enjoy the sound of winds and water. It is a must in Antiparos for any nudist or for someone who wishes to experience this free feeling of nature. If nudism is not your thing, visit one of the other 3 beaches in the area, within 5-minute walk. This fantastic little haven for nudists has been here since the 70’s and is the only official nude beach in all of Greece.

The beach itself is a nice crescent of fine sand that has a series of trails from the parking area. The sea is extremely clear and clean, and you can see some fish. The water is not deep and relatively warm. The beach is less crowded in the mornings and starts filling up a bit mid-afternoon. For extra adventure, there is the island of Diplo just across from the beach that you can actually wade or swim to and explore nude as well. It's a nice sandy bottom until you reach the other shore, then it's a bit slippery and rocky. Diplo has a single disheveled stone building and is inhabited by a few wandering goats. The Camping Beach has no facilities what-so-ever apart from a slightly eccentric volley ball net but there is a campground nearby with a mini market and a restaurant.

The Camping Beach is a great beach in just walking distance from the main city of Antiparos and only a short drive from the port. This beach is easy to find and even has signs saying, "Nudist Beach" at entries. All in all, it is a pretty relaxed and free-spirited beach, well worth visiting despite its remoteness.

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