Nas beach

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Nas beach

The lovely beach is nestled on the northwest coast of Ikaria, near the village of Armenistis. At that point the Halaris river empties into the sea, having crossed the Halaris gorge, located a little further back. The ruins of an ancient temple, dedicated to goddess Artemis is right behind the coast, adding an inspired feel. The temple was destroyed in the 18th-19th century and its marbles were used for the construction of Christian churches. Only the floor and the foundations have been survived to date. On the bank of the river, remains of the waterfront of the old port are also visible.

The coast is covered with coarse sand and thick pebbles and the water deepens sharply. The beach is vulnerable to northern winds and swimming can be very dangerous when such winds blow in the area. The sea gets very rough and the currents are very strong. For this reason, a rope has been placed in the coast that goes deep in the sea which helps people in danger to get to the shore. Nas is a nudist spot and a popular destination for campers, although free camping is officially prohibited.

It is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of Ikaria and is quite popular, gathering lots of people. Steep stairs lead down to the beach and you have to go through a little bit of fresh water to finally get there. From the top of the stairs, there is an excellent view of the beach and you can enjoy a stunning sunset. The sunset from the shore is also amazing as the sun literally sinks into the sea. Right up the hill above the beach, there are a couple of cafes and tavernas overlooking the gorge of Halaris as well as some rooms to rent.


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