Μετάφραση Greek Version


Manolates is a little traditional village and one of the most picturesque mountain villages of Samos. It is located in the northern part of the island, at the foothills of Ampelos mountain also known as Karvounis, 23 km from Karlovasi and 23 km from Pythagorion. It is famous for the wine producing, touristy handmade shops and gorgeous views.

The village is built in a mountainous area surrounded by lush green forests, and offers endless views over the north coast of Samos and the opposite coast of Asia Minor. It was named after the surname Manolas, which was the surname of the first family that settled in the area, in 1794. People are mainly engaged in agriculture with the main cultivation being the vineyards. Despite the mountainous character of the village, the ground is fertile enough.

Beautiful stone-built houses, typical samples of local architecture, a beautiful fountain with fresh running water, narrow alleyways and cobblestone streets decorated with flowers compose the scenery of the quaint village. A big feast takes place the first Friday after Easter which is the biggest social event in the village. That day is the celebration day of Zoodochos Pigi, the church of Manolates. Many even smaller feasts take place in the tiny chapels, scattered in the surrounding area, with the most important the one of Pentecost taking place in the homonymous chapel above the village.

It is a popular destination, attracting many visitors especially during the summer months. In Manolates there are shops selling local products, folk art and pottery workshops. You can also find several traditional tavernas which serve traditional Greek cuisine and excellent local wine. The village is connected to the village of Stavrinidis via a paved path, a beautiful route for hiking lovers. The wider region is ideal for hiking as there are more scenic trails. In Manolates you can enjoy shopping at the pottery shops as well as enjoy the unique Greek hospitality.