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Μετάφραση Greek Version

Byzantine Road (Lefkes - Prodromos)

The Byzantine road is the oldest trail on the island, and connects Lefkes to Prodromos. The Byzantine Road starts at Louki's café in Lefkes. The trail, whose history dates back to the Byzantine era (1,000 AD), is 3.5 kilometers long and is paved with Parian marble.

Except for 150 to 200 meters, the trail is downhill and takes approximately 45 minutes to walk. It is also ideal for mountain biking.

The first few meters are uphill along the slope of a ridge, through cultivated land, low vegetation and a few trees. You will find yourself above a ravine, walking parallel to the asphalt road. The sea, the west coast of Naxos and the mountains of Ikaria are visible in the distance. Head down into the ravine before the next incline and after 200 meters there is an opening with a clear view of Naxos. The rest of the hike is downhill to Prodromos, with Molos beach on the left and Kefalos and Antikefalos hills to the right and left of it respectively.