Μετάφραση Greek Version


Although the Akrotiri peninsula is well-known for the famous prehistoric settlement from the Minoan period, the actual village is not as popular. However, it is a quaint traditional village built around a medieval castle, on the south west edge of Santorini, next to the famous Red beach and about 15 kilometers away from Fira. Apart from being home to one of the most important archaeological sites in the Aegean, it has some of the best views on the island.

The peninsula is world famous thanks to the prehistoric settlement, which was discovered in 1967. It is also known as Pompeii of the Aegean due to the fact that it was completely covered by volcanic ash after the volcanic eruption of 1620 BC. The entire prehistoric city is well-preserved and one of Santorini’s main attractions. At the top of the village there is an old fortress. In Medieval times, Akrotiri was one of the five fortified settlements on the island. From the top of the village, you can see the caldera of the volcano and most of the island. Nearby, there is a lighthouse, built in 1892 by the French company “La Société Collas et Michel”. The lighthouse is one of the most iconic lighthouses of the entire Cyclades. It is not open to public but a visit is worthwhile, since it offers amazing sunsets and beautiful views to the Caldera and the Aegean Sea. Wandering in and around the village, visitors can find some remarkable churches and chapels like the church of Agia Theodosia near the castle's entrance, the chapel of Agions Nikolaos (St. Nicholas) and the cavernous chapel of Panagia (The Virgin) in Balos. Balos or Palos is a small cove that served as a port during the 19th century and which can be reached through a path from Akrotiri.

Despite the intense tourist development and the thousands of tourists every year, Akrotiri remains an authentic Greek village.


Things to do:

  • Visit the Prehistoric Settlement
  • Visit the lighthouse and stay for sunset
  • Explore the castle
  • Swim at Red Beach, White Beach and Akrotiri Caldera Beach