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The mountain village of Chlomos is considered to be one of the most picturesque villages on the island of Corfu. It is an old traditional Greek village up on the side of a steep hill, about 4km from Mesonghi. Built at an altitude of 270 to 320 meters above sea level, it is also referred as the “Balcony of Corfu” because of the spectacular views of Southern Corfu and the eastern coastline, even of the islands of Paxos and Antipaxos on a clear day. Besides the beautiful views, the village features pretty narrow streets and old houses, built according to the Venetian architecture. The houses are spread around the main square and most of them are painted with vibrant colors. Moreover, you can find many mansions dotted around the cobblestone alleys. Of historic interest is the mansion of Thomas Palaiologos, brother of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Palaiologos.

On the way to the village, you will enjoy a stunning view of Lake Korission from above. The lake covers an area of 6,000 acres and is one of the most important wetlands on the island. The village was built in the 13th century and according to tradition, it owes its name to the people who came here from the lake area at the beginning of the 19th century, and were plagued by malaria so consequently had ‘pale’ faces. The story of the village however, starts long before the 13th century as evidenced by findings in several places on the slopes of the mountain. The findings include an altar dedicated to God Apollo in the place where is now the Church of the Archangels. The village boasts some cafes and traditional tavernas with delicious Greek and Corfiot food. Accommodation options are limited but there are some private villas to rent, however most of the villas and studios are situated near the sea, around 5km away. Chlomos is located 31km south of Corfu Town, on the east side of the Morovigli mountain. The nearest beach to visit is Boukari beach but there are many more lovely beaches nearby, such as Mesonghi, Moraitika and Benitses on the east coast as well as Halikounas on the west coast. Chlomos village is a hidden gem in the inland of Corfu, that is worth to visit.

Photo: Σπύρος Τσουκιάς - Χλωμός Κέρκυρα - Facebook Team

Photo: Σπύρος Τσουκιάς - Χλωμός Κέρκυρα - Facebook Team