Μετάφραση Greek Version


Gavrolimni of Kavourolimni, hidden amongst the dense vegetation of Corfu, is located near the village of Poulades and about 2 kilometers north of Temploni, in an area that hosts many similar wetland systems, particularly interesting and unique in the island's Greek territory.

It belongs to the northern part of the island, although it is situated further south of the Lakes of Gaidarana in which however, one can walk, enjoying nature and its unique beauty.

It is a lake in alluvial formations with a permanent presence of water. Within the boundaries of the wetland there are crops and in the past liquidation of wetland vegetation has taken place, while in the wider area there is the presence of the Corfu landfill. The dense vegetation around the wetlands is Phrygmites australis and Vitex agnus-castus, Rhamnus sp., while Ranunculus sp. and Chara globularis are grown in the water.
The presence of amphibians (Pelophylax epeiroticus) is very intense in the wetland, while the presence of the Macedonian triton (Triturus carnifex) is reported.

Near Kavourolimni is situated the historical Monastery of Agios Onoufrios  of Corfu.