Vouliagmeni Lake

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Vouliagmeni Lake

Lake Vouliagmeni is a unique geological phenomen, located in an idyllic landscape of the Athenian Riviera, about an hour from central Athens. It is a natural brackish lake with healing properties located in a large cavern 260 meters long and 145 meters wide, close to the sea.

Its waters are constantly replenished both by the sea and underground currents. It is also fed with fresh water from a spring located at a depth of 17 meters which is mainly responsible for the brackish nature of its water. The water temperature is steady throughout the year (22 °C -29 °C) and it never drops below 18 °C. It is considered possible that the lake communicates with the volcanic arc of the Aegean and is affected by an adjacent branch. Due to the warm water temperature and its rich content in hydrogen sulphide, the lake functions as a spa, making this place an excellent destination to get relief from afflictions such as for rheumatic diseases, sports injuries, diseases of the nervous system, skin and gynecological diseases. The lake communicates with the sea through underground tunnels never fully explored.

According to scientific research and studies, thousands of years ago, where the lake is now, there was a large cave. Due to high temperature and moisture of the springs inside the cave, the roof collapsed. The cave has been explored to a length of 3,123 meters. Among the 14 tunnels which make it up, there is one tunnel 800 meters long which is believed to be the longest in the world.

Lake Vouliagmeni hosts a variety of unique organisms including a species of sea anemone, Paranemonia vouliagmeniensis, which can be found exclusively in this lake. It is also famous for the Garra Rufa fish that nibble on your skin while swimming, offering free skin exfoliation.

Lake Vouliagmeni is a unique tourist destination. There is a restaurant and a cafe with beach chairs and umbrellas where you sit, staring at the beautiful view this location offers. It is also perfect for swimming, snorkeling, healing and pleasure for both young and old. The lake with the surrounding area, has been declared a natural monument and has been listed in the NATURA 2000 National List as a protected site. In addition, it has been designated as a Place of Special Natural Beauty by the Ministry of Culture. The lake is found on the coastal road Athens - Sounio, shortly after Vouliagmeni. It is easily accessible by car and public transport as there are several buses that stop at the entrance of the lake. It is a hidden treasure of Attica’s nature and one of the top attractions of both Attica and Greece.