Stafylos beach

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Stafylos beach

Stafylos is a very picturesque and safe beach, protected from prevailing winds and therefore ideal for swimming, when other beaches are affected by wind and waves. This lovely beach is located near to Skopelos Town and can be easily accessed by car or bus. If travelling on the local bus it is quite a walk from the stop to the beach area and surely not suitable for those with walking difficulties. It is best to approach by car but parking is limited especially at the weekend so make sure you arrive early, otherwise it gets a bit fractious. A little walk down the hill to the beach is required but it is easy enough unless you're parked near the top.

This is an utterly beautiful but narrow beach and truly one of, if not, the best of all. The stunning surroundings and views are out of this world. It is not a white sand beach but it is pebbled with clear and calm water, gently shelved. Bring your sandals as the pebbles/rocks can be a little tough on the feet, but it's totally worth it. There is a beach hut offering snacks and drinks and plenty of sunbeds with drinks served to you if required. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling before having lunch at the lovely taverna on the hill above the beach. The tavern offers local specialties and standout views. If you want a change, Velanio beach is a 5-minute walk over the headland.

For history buffs, the beach is named after the legendary prince Stafylos who came to Skopelos and chose this place to build a small town around 1600 BC. A rocky edge that goes out into the sea is the home of the tomb of the prince. Next to the tomb, the prince’s golden sword was found, which now is on display at the Archaeological Museum of Athens.


Coastguard: (24240) 22180

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