Μετάφραση Greek Version


Piskopiano is a small traditional village, close to the magnificent coast of northern Crete. Perched on the slopes of Mount Harakas, it lies between two other, equally beautiful villages, Koutouloufari and Ano Hersonissos and offers panoramic views of the cosmopolitan beach of Hersonissos. Piskopiano seems to have been built during the Middle Ages when pirate raids forced the residents of the area to find protection away from the sea. The village was first mentioned in a book back in 1379 as part of the Great Episcope of Hersonissos.

There is not much to do in Piskopiano, rather than to wander around the enchanting narrow streets and alleys with the stone-built whitewashed houses with the little flower pots on their windows. The place reflects the tradition and beauty of old Crete and is a typical sample of Cretan architecture. There is also a small but remarkable Agricultural Museum with lots of exhibits related to agriculture and rural life of Crete, including a wine press, olive oil, carpentry, weavings and many more items.

Piskopiano is an ideal place for relaxing holiday, but at the same time, close to many interesting places to visit, many of which within walking distance. So, if you would like to be away from the bustling nightlife of Hersonissos but still close enough, then Piskopiano is a great choice. It offers traditional tavernas, cafes and accommodation of all prices and categories. The village is situated 2 km away from Hersonissos harbor and 26 km away from the city of Heraklion.