The Waterfalls

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The Waterfalls' Cave

It is one of the most exceptional caves not only in Greece but also in the World. The primary cave of the Waterfalls shows the foundations and thw way of building of Edessa's rock over the centuries with the power of water.The Cave of Waterfall in Edessa is the only "primary" cave in Greece that is utilized. By the term "primary" we characterize the caves created by the deposition of dissolved limestone on the mosses that grow under the waterfalls. The term "primary cave" refers to caves of age similar to those of the rocks.  In Greece there are rare geomorphs and must be considered a natural heritage.The entrance of the cave is in the area of ​​the second plateau of the Waterfalls . Right next to them, the visitor finds the entrance of the small but very interesting cave. The visit to the Waterfalls can not be completed without visiting the site that is understood that the water tower was built in the water, the base on which the city of Edessas is located.It took its name from the large cascade outside its entrance. The cave is in a very nice and careful park where the water dominates and although it does not have a long length it is worth to visit it.

By the end of 14th century a large volume of water was accumulated in a lake west of the city. After a geological phenomenon, probably an earthquake, the water passed through the city and poured from the rock, creating numerous rivers. Hidden behind the profuse vegetation remain untapped for some time. In 1942,  the Germans first saw the power of tourism and took adevantageof the cascade surroundings, creating two pools, flower beds and flower boxes. After the war, the space given to the municipality, who in turn arrange to plant flowers and trees. In 1953, began operating the city restaurant "Pools", where the Edesseoi hav fun dancing tango and waltz. In early1960, builted safe access for visitors to admire and photograph the waterfalls.

Edessa's Falls are among the world's natural heritage monuments with the uniqueness that they move forward by creating gradually new caves while most waterfalls in the world like Niagara are eroded and shifted backwards.In this small cave you will see how a compact rock is formed with the power of water that is the same age as the rock that created it. Beneath the famous waterfall Karan is a small cave with stalactites. The park also operates outdoor Water Museum and Tourist Information.