Itea craters

Photo: Άγγελος Αρναουτέλης

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Itea craters

In a 5 km radius, between the towns of Itea and Galaxidi, there are scattered around 10 craters (dolines) of various diameters, depths and shapes. Many are those who believe that are the result of meteorites fall, but geologists disagree and talk about the collapse of the roof of underground caves or limestone erosion by rainwater.

Their diameter is approximately 100, 90, 60, 70 and 40 meters respectively. The most impressive is the 2nd crater, located right by the sea. This is the largest one with a diameter of about 100 meters. Over time, seawater has penetrated inside the crater forming a lake with unusual vegetation. Impressive is also a crater located at the most mountainous point in relation to the rest, the main feature of which is a "tail", almost 150 meters long. Three of the dolines are located in an area of 500 meters in diameter, very close to each other. The coordinates of the craters are:

  • Crater 1 : 38.41292, 22.40806
  • Crater 2 : 38.41294, 22.41419
  • Crater 3 : 38.41116, 22.40823
  • Crater 4 : 38.42251, 22.40656
  • Crater 5 : 38.4187, 22.39515