Debriz Bridge

Photo: © Δήμος Μεσσηνίας

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Debriz Bridge

The Debriz bridge, also known as Strefeiko bridge, is located near the village of Strefi in Messenia, Peloponnese. The bridge is just before the entrance to the village, on the road from Aristomenio and it spans over the Velika River.

It was built by the Franks and offered safe passage for all those travelling from Pylia to Messina, since it was the only bridge for many centuries, before the construction of the Velika bridge. It also connected the castles located in the area, as there is a chain of Frankish castles that extend almost parallel to the river in a length of 15 km. Among them, is the castle of Debriz, almost one kilometer away from the bridge, the castle of Pelekanada, three more castles near the village of Diodia, the castles of Kefalovrysso, San Flauros and finally, the castle of Ano Voutaini. The origin of the name remains unknown, so is the construction date, however it is considered as one of the oldest stone bridges in the prefecture.

From an architectural point of view, it is single-arched bridge, made of limestone, quite large in height and length and wide enough so that a small car can cross it. The stone bridge stands there for centuries and is a unique monument of architecture in an idyllic landscape, attracting lots of visitors each year.