Mithimna (Molivos)

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Mithimna (Molivos)

Mithymna or Molyvos is a large traditional settlement on the island of Lesvos, located on the northwest coast, 62km away from the city of Mytilene. Molyvos is one of the most popular destinations of Lesvos, characterized by its unparalleled natural beauty and picturesque architecture. As it suddenly appears in front of you after the last turn of the road, crowned with its medieval castle and its houses descending to the picturesque harbor, takes your breath away.

Paved cobbled streets, stone houses, galleries, vines, bougainvilleas and purple salgimi (a kind of pendant acacia) cover the streets of the traditional market and the shops. It is no coincidence that the central uphill cobblestone of Molyvos is among the most beautiful in the world! Traditional coffee houses with hanging terraces overlooking the blue of the Aegean, restaurants and bars hanging from a thread over the sea offer unique experiences to the visitor.

The Castle, recently renovated, crowns the settlement with majesty and the view from above is unsurpassed. In Kastro you will find a very nice restaurant-café and you can enjoy theatrical performances and concerts during the summer months. Access is made by car from the peripheral road of Mithymna or you can walk through the village alleys.

Descending the cobbled streets to the harbor, you are fascinated by the majesty of the neoclassical houses. These wonderful houses, the creations of the ruling 19th-century bourgeoisie, with their pediments and plaster decorations, decorate all your way down to the harbor and host plenty of shops and bars that are ideal locations to enjoy the magical sunset of Molivos - a moment of the day you should not miss. At its harbor you can admire the picturesque chapel of Ag. Nicholas. The port is not only a tourist attraction but also a vital part of the local population, since fishing is a key factor in its economy. Fishing boats, trawls, yachts and seagulls coexist harmoniously with fish taverns, cafes and bars together with a splendid view to the imposing Castle.

The beach of Molyvos extends from the harbor of the settlement to the hotel "Olive Press". Another reason why Molyvos is famous internationally are the cultural events of the International Music Festival and the Arion Guitar Festival that offer magical moments of music to the guests. Molyvos has excellent tourist infrastructure and all kind of services to its guests. Access to the settlement for most months of the year is only on foot as all vehicles are prohibited from the afternoon hours. There is a municipal parking lot at the entrance of the settlement for the visitors.

Mithymna also consists of the small mountain village of Vafeios (with very good tavernas) and the seaside area of ​​Eftalou where Elias Venizis in 1922, settled and created his cottage. There you can also find the grave of the famous writer, Argyris Eftaliotis. In the area of ​​Eftalou, besides the beautiful beach, are the famous natural, thermal baths from the time of the Ottoman domination, which is worth visiting.