Μετάφραση Greek Version


Megalochori is one of the most picturesque villages of Santorini. It is located on the southwestern part of the island, about 9 kilometers from the capital Fira. The peaceful and charming village is built on the top of a hill surrounded by vineyards, sample of its fertile soil. During the harvest the roofs of the houses are full of grapes drying under the sun for the famous “vinsanto” wine. In the village there are wineries where you can tour and learn about the production and history of wine-making on the island. 

It is an authentic village that has kept untouched its character and atmosphere as well as its Cycladic architecture with whitewashed houses, blue domes and winding cobbled streets, waiting to be discovered. Wandering around the cobbled paths you can admire neoclassical and old cave houses with solid wooden doors and high fences. The square is the heart of the village and a meeting point for locals and tourists. Here you can taste local dishes and sweets or have a cup of Greek coffee under the shade of the trees.

The landmarks of Megalochori are the two impressive churches, standing at the central square of the village. The church of the Entrances of the Virgin with the wooden iconostasis and the Byzantine icons of the Russian school and the church of Agii Anargyri celebrating on July, 1, day in a which a big feast takes place in the village. The village is mentioned in written sources from the mid-17th century. It also appears on a map of 1801. Findings in the wider area testify that it has been inhabited since the Early Cycladic and Late Cycladic period. 

The village stretches towards the caldera on the west, where there is the church of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicholas) on a fantastic location on the caldera cliffs from where you can enjoy a stunning sunset. Megalochori offers easy access to both western and eastern beaches of the island.