Monastery of Prophet Elias

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Monastery of Prophet Elias

Starting from the Church of the Patron of the island, Agios Konstantinos of Hydra, we follow the uphill path leading to the Prophet Elias Monastery, in about 60 minutes, founded in 1813 by the "Kollivades" Fathers in the place of a monodrion, of the Virgin Mary of Phaneromeni Hydra.

On the way we find a beautiful forest with pine trees and in the area of ​​"Palaion Kalogrées", an old female monastery.

On the way there are benches to relish and enjoy the unique view. From one point along the path, you can see a cobbled path leading to the gate of the Monastery, where Profitis Elias welcomes you with his arms open, looking at a mosaic decorating the gate.

The katholikon of the Monastery is a simple basilica with a dome, according to the Mount Athos temple, surrounded by cells or auxiliary buildings, and was inaugurated in 1815 on the day of the Virgin Mary's Eve.

Today there are several old portable icons, the Pantokrator in the dome, Platytera and a wonderful woodcut temple.

The monastery has a rich library, organized in 1870 by the then abbot Ierotheos Kostopoulos, while in the courtyard of the Monastery of Prophet Elias there is a cistern with drinking water, threshing floors and stables.

In the year 2000, the latter was celebrated by the eminent follow-up of the Collibad of 1813, Efthimios Sagos.

The Monastery, following the actions of the Holy Metropolis of Hydra, Spetses and Aegina, was once again redeployed from Mount Athos, from the Monastery of St. Gregory.

During the Revolution of 1821 the Monastery operated as a prison and Kolokotronis and other chieftains remained in it for a while.