Photo: © Ομάδα Facebook Μεσόπυργου Άρτας


Bridge of Mesopyrgos

The stone single-arched bridge of Mesopyrgos, also known as "Kamaroula", spans over the stream that runs through the village of the same name, a few hundred meters before its waters flow into the river of Acheloos. It is an important monument of cultural heritage for the village and of the Acheloos valley overall. There is no historical data concerning the construction date but it is believed to have been built in the 18th century, as has the old watermill nearby. Maintenance works have taken place recently, so the old bridge is in a very good condition. The access to the bridge is easy via a path that starts from Mesopyrgos and descends towards Acheloos river.


Photo: Facebook Team Mesopyrgos Arta