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Athens Tram

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Tram of Athens

Athens Tram serves two tram lines: Line 6 (T6) and Line 7 (T7). T6 begins in Syntagma Square in central Athens and travels to the southwest towards the coast, ending at the Pikrodafni stop, while T7 runs along the coast, stretching from the Asklipieio Voulas stop in the south to the Agia Triada stop to the north in Piraeus. Within Piraeus, service operates in a one-way loop. A transfer point between the two lines is located at the Pikrodafni stop. 

The Athens Tram has 59 stops in total, three of which (Syntagma, Asklipiio Voulas and Agia Triada) are terminal stops. The tram network spans a total length of 32.4 km (20.13 mi) throughout the city. Each stop is equipped with a visual and audio information system, ticket issuing and ticket validating machines and CCTV system. At the stops a system is installed for informing the passengers through sound announcements and by means of signs of changing text (telematics) regarding the arrival times of the tramways, any delays or changes of the itineraries.

Operating Hours

The Tram operates daily from 05:30-01:00 and every Friday and Saturday from 05:00-01:30.


  • Athens transportation system uses tickets valid in ALL Means of Public Transport
  • A fine is imposed on all Metro users not holding a valid deed of travel or refusing to produce such a deed upon request, which is equal to 60 times the price of the 90-min flat fare ticket
  • Flat fare tickets
  • Airport Tickets
  • Eligible to reduced fare


For more information, please visit the official site of STASY