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Region of Florina

If you are the type of traveler seeking authentic Greek towns and quaint villages alongside landscapes of exceptional natural beaty, Florina is the perfect region to visit. The region is distinguished for its unspoiled natural beauty and the existence of significant historical and cultural monuments. Visit Prespa National Park and take a boat tour to watch wildlife or to visit old monasteries and cave chapels. To enjoy dreamy landscapes, visit lakes Zazari and Vegoritida and if you are looking for sport activities head to the Vitsi Ski Center. Do not miss to visit Arcturos Brown Bear Sanctuary, the only shelter for injured bears in Greece. The bear sanctuary is located near the traditional and protected village of Nymfaio, one the 10 most picturesque villages in Europe, according to Unesco.

Florina Town is the capital of the region. A small but picturesque city full of history and traditions where you can walk along the Sakoulevas River and admire old mansions and neo-classical houses. When the evening comes, you can sit at one of the restaurants on its banks to taste local dishes based on three famous regional products: Prespa beans, Florina red peppers and the yellow potatoes of Sklithro. Do not miss to accompany your meal with a glass of local wine form the nearby sub-region of Amyntaio, an area well known to all wine lovers for its excellent wines. From the hill of Agios Panteleimonas enjoy a panoramic view of the city and on the way back, stop at the ancient Hellenistic city of Lygistida. The region knows how to enchant everyone, so all you have to do is head towards the NW corner of Greece and discover it!




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