Ammothines  (Sand Dunes)

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Ammothines (Sand Dunes)

In the north of the island of Lemnos, 3 km above the village of Katalakkos and near the beach of Gomati, the famous Ammothines (Sand Dunes), or Pachies Ammoudies, are also referred to as the Desert of Lemnos, in an area of ​​about 70 acres. Ammothines are an extremely rare and bizarre landscape, attracting more and more nature lovers.
Ammothines are sandy hills that usually exist in coastal areas and are created by the erosion and deposition of sand. The sand on the shore is swept away by the wind and replaced by the sand that waves and currents bring to the beach. They are important but also sensitive habitats. In them are plants and animals that are resistant and easily adapt to difficult environmental conditions. They are habitats protected by Directive 92/43 / EEC "on the conservation of natural habitats as well as wild fauna and flora".
As in the Sachara, so in Lemnos, strong north winds are constantly reshaping the shape of these golden sand mountains, resulting in an unusual visual spectacle against the clear blue sea. The minimal vegetation that composes the flora of the Ammothines, are mainly the beautiful white lilies of Lemnos (pancratium maritimum), while around there are sandy vegetation (Ammophilala arenusus agnaria, castxaria), Vite, Sarcopoterium spinosum, Thymus vulgaris, Nerium oleander and Olea europea var. Oleaster.