Ovires Rogovou

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Ovires Rogovou

The "Ovires of Rogovo" or otherwise Kolimbithres is a miracle of nature. They are located in the prefecture of Ioannina between the villages of Mikro and Megalo Papigo. These are natural ponds with crystal clear running water. The stream with the ponds in combination with the dense vegetation of the area create a landscape of incredible natural beauty.

This stream that starts from 2254 meters height, has created over the years a magnificent landscape that magnetize the visitors every season. Rogovo stream begins from the Western peak of mount Timfi-Lapato and it crosses Mikro and Megalo Papigo, two of the most famous villages in Zagorochoria. The place name contains two meanings. "Rogovo" is the name of the stream while Ovires are called by the locals the natural ponds.

The natural ponds or pools created by the stream of Rogovo were formed due to erosion from Rogovo stream. In summer the visitors can cool off in one of the lakes although the water is very cold while in winter the waters freeze offering a beautiful spectacle to the visitor.  According to historical sources, Ovires of Rogovo was the place that Ali Pasha had chosen for his summer baths.

The dense forest and the rare flora found under the trees and on the rocks, invite you to an unforgettable exploration. The fauna and flora of the area is very rich.  There are also many birds but also predators as the gorges of Tymfi are very close. The area is bordered by dense wild forests, as well as inaccessible mountainous areas, places that are a refuge for many important mammals. Permanent in the area is the presence of bears, wolves, deer, wildcats, foxes, badgers, ferrets and hares.

Ovires of Rogovo are located 1 km away from Megalo Papigo on the road to Mikro Papigo. The area is 62 km away from Ioannina, 445 km from Athens via the bridge of Rio and 370 km from Thessaloniki via Egnatia.