Athens Half Marathon

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Athens Half Marathon

A major international road race event held in Athens every third weekend of March, matching with the Spring Equinox date.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new date was arranged for the 2020 race. The ninth edition of the Athens Half Marathon tοοk place on Sunday 20 September, with only elite runners, 50 men and 30 women taking part.

The Athens Half Marathon is an excellent race for all professional and amateur runners of any age, who, by running any of the event races, take part in a city big celebration along some of the most significant historic and cultural monuments of Athens.

For those who find the 21.0975km distance of the half marathon race too long, organisers offer three more much-shorter races which are a 5km, a 3km and a 1km race for kids (b. between 2008-2010), people with disabilities and Special Olympics athletes. All these races are ideal for those who have never run before, to enjoy themselves, either by running or walking on the streets of the Greek capital city.

In addition, the National Half Marathon Championships is yearly held in the framework of the Athens Half Marathon event.

The Half Marathon Race starts from Syntagma Square, while the 3km race follows. The event goes on with the Kids Run and a massive 5km Race. All races have different starting points but all finish in front of the Greek Parliament.

Within the context of the Athens Half Marathon event, the HALF MARATHON EXPO, an annual Sports and Tourism Exhibition open its gates three days before the main event at HELEXPO MAROUSSI premises.

Registrations for all races are submitted online via the official website. Registration fees vary, depending on the registration level and the length of the race.