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Region of Arcadia

Arcadia is undoubtedly one of the most authentic parts of Greece. Right in the very heart of the Peoloponnese, Arcadia is known for its traditional and historical villages, religious monuments, archaeological sites and enchanting landscapes. A haven for eco-tourists and nature lovers but also for lovers of winter sports or mountain activities in general. From high mountains covered with large forests to seaside villages and to lovely, sandy beaches with clear waters in the eastern part, Arcadia is a popular travel destination throughout the year.

Winding roads, lead to hilltops where quaint villages such as Karitena, Stemnitsa, Lagadia and Dimitsana stand. The villages are certainly worth a visit, not only for their cultural heritage but also for the cuisine and the relaxing atmosphere they offer. On the slopes of Mt. Menalo, there is a modern ski resort which attracts plenty of skiers every winter while river Lousios and Alfios, are offered for rafting and canoening. The gorge of Lousios awaits to be explored along with the impressive monasteries of Prodromos and the New Monastery of the Philosopher, both important religious monuments of the area.

Arcadia is a region full of treasures waiting to be discovered. A unique destination for short breaks or a few-day holiday, in all seasons of the year.



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