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Region of Halkidiki

Halkidiki is a peninsula in the geographic region of Macedonia which penetrates deep into the Aegean Sea, forming three elongated sub-peninsulas, or “legs”, which give the region its characteristic shape. The three sub-peninsulas from west to east are: Kassandra, Sithonia and Mount Athos where only men are allowed. Administratively it is divided in the prefecture of Halkidiki with Polygyros being the capital and in the Autonomous Monastic State of Mount Athos with Karyes being the Administrative Center.
"There is nothing like Halkidiki", say those who have visited it and they are not wrong. Halkidiki has something for everyone: exotic beaches, countless coves, dense pine forests, mountainous  traditional villages, archeological sites, caves and important wetlands. Hiking and cycling trails, many of them crossing Natura protected areas of unique natural beauty, are waiting to be explored.
Halkidiki is one of the most developed tourist destinations in the mainland for summer holidays with modern tourist infrastructure and intense nightlife. Thousands of tourists swarm into it every summer to enjoy the sea, the culture and the nature. When time to leave comes all they have to say is: "There is nothing like Halkidiki".

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Wondering what to do and what to see? The team of ALLOVERGREECE put together a list of must-see destinations and top-rated tourist attractions to help you make the most of your travel itinerary, so be sure to refer often to our list of the top tourist attractions.

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Greece is famous for its history and culture, the impressive monasteries and the beautiful nature. But it is also famous for its many and impressive beaches, many of which remind tropical beaches. Beaches with dunes, pink sand, with monuments in the background, beaches surrounded by steep cliffs or hidden behind tall mountains. Here are the top beaches of the region that we believe is worth a visit.


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