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Region of Kastoria

The prefecture of Kastoria is located in the western part of Macedonia. It is well known for its abundant natural beauty, the rich historical past, traditional villages, archaeological sites and monuments and churches dating back to the Middle Age and the Byzantine era. The area is also famous thanks to the production and trading of high-quality furs.

The capital city of the same name is a real gem. One of Macedonia's most picturesque cities and one of the most beautiful towns in the country, according to many Greeks.  Amphitheatrically built on the shores of the idyllic Orestiada lake has an interesting and picturesque old town, narrow lanes, majestic mansions, old churches and many remarkable sights to offer. One of the oldest and most important Neolithic settlements ever found in Europe, is situated just a few miles away. The Cave of the Dragon close to the lake is rich in stalactites and stalagmites and the place where petrified remains of the Cave Bear were found. Nature lovers can explore the mountains of Grammos and Vitsi, enjoy long walks or visit Vitsi Ski Centre, a great destination for winter sports.

All these and many more make the prefecture of Kastoria a unique tourist destination, all year round. It invites you to visit it and promises to offer unforgettable experiences and moments.





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