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Bridge of Psiras

The bridge of Psiras is located near the 18th km of the Kalabaka-Deskati national road in Asproklisia area, 300 m away from the Psiloma junction. It spans 'the river Mikanis, which is an affluent of the river Penios. The wide river-bed at the point of spanning, is 18.00 m. ln older times, it linked Deskati with Kalabaka.

The bridge is carried by one arch and has a relieving span. The pier between the main and the relieving span is protected by triangular cantilevers. The arch and the spandrels are constructed in hewn psammites. The masonry of the addition of the parapets is made of raw stones. The bridge was conserved in 1986, by the community of Asproklissia.