Bridge of Nteri

Photo: © Argyris Pafilis

Μετάφραση Greek Version

Bridge of Nteri

The two-arched bridge of Deris, located in the middle of a green environment of ivy and beech, spans over the Promoritsa river a tributary of Aliakmonas. It served the connection between the village of Pentalofos with the villages of Agios Sotiras and Tsotili. There are no any references according the construction date or the sponsor.

It owes its name to Deris, the owner of a watermill that used to be nearby. In the 1960s during a river flood, its smaller arc was fallen and destroyed. The bridge of Deris, was restored in 2006 and is the first stone arched bridge of the Pramoritsa river, since the bridges of Filachtis and Zndrougogiofyr, which were located before the Deris bridge, do not exist anymore.


Photos: © Argyris Pafilis